The Macron Doctrine: African Occupation, Population Control & Plunder


While at the G-20 Emmanuel Macron said this about Africa:

The challenge of Africa is completely different, it is much deeper. It is civilization today. Failing states, complex democratic transitions, the demographic transition.” He later said, “One of the essential challenges of Africa … is that in some countries today seven or eight children [are] born to each woman.”

Recently elected French President Emmanuel Macron showed his hand at the G-20 Summit, by admitting that the west and especially France want to exploit Africa and reduce the population of black Africans. Macron is the product of the old French colonial philosophy which invaded Africa under the pretext of civilizing the African all the while seeking to plunder the resources of the continent.

The French invaders of African territory never wanted to return Africa to its rightful landowners even as the winds of freedom began to blow across the continent in the 1950s.  Africans demanded freedom to govern their own affairs and sought independence from colonialism. The French then drafted a policy of assimilation where the French colonies would become a part of Great France and become absorbed in the French empire but Africans would not be allowed to own property.

Macron is part of the eugenics and population control new world order agenda. He cannot have children and so he uses his platform to disparage Africans who are having children to ensure the survival and propagation of the black race.

Perhaps, Macron believes in civilization where pedophilia is considered ‘normal’ because he was a victim of it. Macron himself is the victim of psychological disorder because when he was a teenager he entered into a relationship with his married teacher who he now calls his wife but was old enough to be his mother: in fact her daughter was in his class and a fellow student. So is it Africa that needs civilizing or Macron himself?

Niger, which Macron has so much disdain for is powering the French economy. A third of the French homes are powered by uranium from Niger. This situation highlights the doctrine of unequal exchange where Niger owns all the uranium but France reaps all the benefits. The Niger government should cancel the contract with the French owned company Areva and open to tenders to other entities across the continent and get partners which understand that we need a win-win situation where the agreement provides wealth to the owners of the resources which will raise the standard of living for the people of Niger.

Uranium is the new gold and if France is unwilling to pay the price then Tanzania, United States or China or South Korea or Kenya or Brazil or Nigeria will. The secret to China’s rise to economic dominance for example is in part due to the 50% ownership rule which they implemented. All foreign entities that want to operate in China must have 50% Chinese ownership. As a result, many Chinese have become multi-billionaires. This is the first step towards economic empowerment that will benefit Africans.


  1. What a shame that in 2017 we are still talking about the doctrine of unequal exchange between Africa & Europe. That is an issue we must settlw once & for all.

  2. All this talk of education, yet this article was poorly written. I might have agreed with a few of the points here, but I’m not sure I even understand what was being said.

  3. The French civilizing anyone is a joke. Pedophilia, Macron ,adultery & sex scandal Hollande children out of wedlock etc & married Africans are the problem lol. A real psychological disorder in Macron’s head.

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