Insecure Season 2 Continues to Destroy the Black Family

Issa Rae

Issa Rae’s season two of Insecure on HBO  is currently underway. HBO has already announced that the series will continue to a third season. However, it is interesting that even with the perverted themes that are promoted on this show it continues to receive critical acclaim. Why is it that black television that promotes debauchery is celebrated?

  1. Sexual empowerment vs real power

    Although  Issa and her friend Molly are supposed to represent the educated black women their language and behavior is typical of hoodrats and not women who have matriculated through the top educational institutions in America. Issa Rae who massacres the image of the black woman in the name of entertainment. The young black children who watch that show are easily influenced by the celebration of ‘ho culture in the name of empowerment. Studies have shown that African Americans are influenced by television more than any other group in America which means we must hold our entertainers accountable for how they are portrayed. Soon there will be hordes of women and girls seeking ‘ho-rotations’ instead of committed relationships which will result in the spread of HIV and STDs which are never discussed on the show but are a reality especially among African American women.

  2. Celebration of the weak black man

    When Issa goes on a date with the Latina guy they show him reaching out for the check portraying him as the  take charge male character. However, Lawrence and all the other black males are objectified as sexual beings only. Issa Rae makes it a point to show black males nude and not portray as anything other than sexual objectives. The show misses an opportunity to discuss how black males are the least employed people in America or how according to an Emory University study, a white male with a criminal record has a higher probability of being hired for a job before a black male with a college degree and no criminal record. This could have been used to explain Lawrence’s plight in season 1. Issa Rae misses this opportunity by never having anything positive to say about black males and referring to them using the white supremacist ‘n’ word.

  1. No positive Black relationships

    Molly’s parents who were long held in esteem as an example of marriage are in Season 2 being portrayed as failures due to Molly’s father’s infidelity. The only married friend is Tiffany and in Season 2 she reveals that their relationship has experienced a spat and her husband has moved out and spent time living at a hotel.

  2. Supporting adultery

    The setup with Molly’s parents is meant to justify Molly’s adulterous relationship with a married man. The audience is told that Dro is in an open marriage and begs the question is it wrong to engage in a sexual relationship with someone in an open marriage? This is meant to emphasize to the audience that marriage is not to be prized. There are no redeeming married couples. It just makes black Americans look pathetic and  makes black relationships dysfunctional and undesirable.

  1. Stereotypical bad children

    Issa Rae portrays black children as unwilling to learn, disruptive and exhibiting behavioral issues. During a field trip the students exhibit ADHD behavior. They are on the bus and stuck in traffic but cannot sit and read a book or speak softly. The other children have to be bribed with food to attend the tutoring session. They end up stealing food and I don’t know who thinks this makes good comedy. Black children are being shown as smart mouthed, sassy, profane little brats.

  1. Celebration of debased sexual promiscuity

    The undercurrent of the series is that black women cannot find love. Black men are with women of other races or inept therefore black women are out of options. The overweight friend Kelly meets a guy and on their first date in a dingy restaurant he performs a sexual act on her. The black woman on this show are portrayed as so desperate to satisfy her sexual appetite.

  1. Soft bigotry of low expectations

    The show Insecure show sends the message that black people are profane, hood rats even when they are educated and come from two parent homes they have no standards of morality. Black women are still being portrayed as insecure and exist just to satisfy their basest instinct of sexual gratification.


  1. Molly is a hypocrite, shading her father & yet doing exactly what she is judging him for. Silly logic of ‘smart woman’.

  2. . Issa is a woman who lives her life trying to be a man. She emasculates the men and wants them to act as women. This is sick social engineering, the writers are not well mentally.

  3. You should not be too hard on Issa we millennials relate to the characters. She is keeping it 100 ok. This is how it is in the streets, no Cosbys this is 2017 and this is what we face issues of n***s cheating on us everyday. We ride or die but you have to love yourself. You have to be selfish like Issa to make it in the streets. Issa is a boss though.

  4. Issa is a boss. She created her internet show which got her noticed. She will create the show characters hiw she likes. Write your own show.

  5. Everyone knew of Blaise appetite for women . His head was filled with pursuit of dresses so how could he do anything else? Sankara wanted emancipation Compaore wanted access to French women. He loved foreign women so much that he was always trying to get them in bed. According to Compaore success was sleeping with women especially European ones.

  6. @Andrew the point is why would anyone want to potray themself as insecure& conforming to the stereotypes of black women ? One of the women Tiffany is the object of affection the rest of the characters are sexual objects obsessed with sex & nothing else. Silly plots for juvenile minds.

  7. I think I am perhaps one of the most critical tv watchers. But this is some bull about the show. The title let’s you know that it’s a show about insecurities-something we all have. What I like about the show is that it doesn’t seek to push any agendas. It allows viewers to look into a real segment of our culture- not the only segment, but a real segment. Just because you show this doesn’t mean it’s a negative reflection. I was criticized once for a scene that my drama troupe MADDRAMA does about teen pregnancy. I was told it stereotypes young black girls. I didn’t pay that mess no attention due in part to a young lady coming up to me after a performance saying, “if I had seen this when I was younger, I wouldn’t have been a teen mother”. She went on to say that people always say don’t do this and don’t do that but they act like they have never been young and act like they don’t know what it’s like to give into temptation at a young age. I said all of that to say continue telling the story Issa. And for all the nay sayers see this show like that Sunday morning message that you are just not into. Realize that you’re probably not into it bc the message wasn’t for you that morning. But it sho nuff blessed somebody else

    • Put your critical cap on my dear brother. There is always an agenda. Either you are naive or just plain stupid!

  8. Unfortunately in black America our stories are told by the dumbest & dysfunctional. If you are normal African American Hollywood does not want you. You have to portray single sex starved female who can’t get a man, multiple sex partner, destructive behaviors to get a show. Black positivity does not sell only stereotypes look ar Empire, Power & Insecure. Just ghetto hoodrat storylines being passed on as black culture.

  9. You could have saved this wack a** rant for a reality show…its pathetic how you trying to tear a black woman down for entertaining the world n makin good money doing it…You self righteous negroes kill me 😒😒😒

  10. Read your comment, don’t agree, stop hating, leave Issa alone! As a black woman, I understand how hard it is to find someone to love us. I was lucky enough to be multilingual so I wound up with someone from another race. Most English only speaking black women are truly out of gas with their minimal choices. Sorry but Issa is hitting the nail on his head!

  11. Issa rae is anti-black men. She has an agenda against black men. She constantly call them the n word. She must have been raised by a single bitter black woman. The only people who get her are Molly & her coworker. All men are bad but all women just get her? Before the end of the series she will ‘experiment ‘ with Molly i sense Issa will be out of the closet soon.

  12. The liberal use of the n-word does not ring authentic for my demographic–black, well-educated and OLD. Still the show is authentic in a lot of ways. I like the subplot with the “racist” (if black people can really be that) vice principal. Molly not getting paid?? Definitely real. Issa Rae will grow with her show. Give her a chance.

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