Neo-Nazi European terrorism on the Rise in America


The regime of Donald Trump in America has brought with it the reemergence of the violence and terror from neo-Nazi alt right groups. Although the American civil war between the Northern states and the southern states has long transpired the south which was defeated believes to this day that the south shall rise again. This regional rivalry has led to sectarian violence in the past.

The international community was dismayed to see the reincarnation of the third Reich in the nation that prides itself as “the shining city built on a hill where they shall look from Europe and say that is how we want to be”. Instead the world is watching as domestic terrorist groups march with torches and raise their flags in an effort to intimidate the rising majority groups. A Nazi terrorist rammed his car into counter protestors in Charlottesville, in the state of Virginia. Neo Nazi and KKK have a history of genocide and crimes against humanity.

The President of the United States Donald Trump a Nazi sympathizer himself has refused to show leadership but instead justified the acts of terror as he is afraid of alienating his base. Trump is a reality television star who made his millions on reality TV, beauty pageants and casinos. He owned real estate and was sued several times in the 1970s for housing discriminating against black tenants.

Actions of Donald Trump against African- American in America:

  1. Instituted higher premium rates on home mortgages to make it more difficult for lower income people to purchase homes.
  2. Challenging affirmative action programs so as to eliminate the number of African Americans going to college
  3. Cancelled myRA which allowed lower income to save for retirement. To make sure that African Americans cannot save for retirement.
  4. Cut funding for investigating domestic terror groups despite 2006 FBI report that showed terror groups were on the rise and had infiltrated law enforcement groups.

Neo-Nazi and alt-right groups were involved in 115 acts of terror with police foiling 35% of them according to Newsweek. The head of the White supremacist terrorist group David Duke thanked Trump for standing with them. White supremacy and terrorism was started in Europe and this ideology has spread across the globe. In America it has almost wiped off the Native Americans who inhabited the country before Europeans. In Africa the Nazi committed genocide against the Herero killing 80% of the population and 50% Nama people in what is present day Namibia. Everyone across the world knows now  that elections have consequences and domestic terrorism is growing  in Donald Trump’s America.


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