Why are NGOs Waging War on Tanzania?


Whenever an African country is on a path to development and progress there are whispers from western liberals to find ways to derail economic development. Africa is rising and most African nations are finally rising. There is one African country that is rising; Tanzania. However, instead of celebrating the progress in Tanzania, the western funded liberals have resorted to attacking the leader President Dr. John Magufuli. who among other things is protecting the interests of Tanzania. He is protecting the local mining industry by raising royalties from 4% to 6% which is really meagre when compared to the United States, where, Donald Trump increased royalties in the aerospace industry by 98%.

In the short time that President Magufuli has been in office, he is fighting corruption and increasing efficiency in government. In 2016, President Magufuli introduction a new tax collection initiative which led to more government revenue. Economic growth in Tanzania is at about 7% which is great and shows that the economy is on the upward trend. However, western funded NGOs are already seeking to derail progress.

Ways that the NGOs are attacking Tanzania

  1. Promoting teen pregnancy and labeling it children’s rights while opposing pro-education advocates. They disregard parental rights and responsibilities and want the government to leave the important work of building an economy to focus on petty family issues such as teen pregnancy. The paternalistic nature of NGOs is degrading to adult Africans.
  2. Advocating for immoral behavior among teenagers and promoting premarital sex among school children to keep Tanzanians noncompetitive in the global world. Students who are interested in promoting sexuality are not becoming computer programmers or scientists or entrepreneurs. This is a well-known weapon of mass destruction. This can be equated to what the British did to the Chinese during the opium wars.
  3. Attacking patriarchy which is part of the Tanzanian culture as though patriarchy is a bad thing. Feminism is foreign concept which is working to disrupt the social order in Tanzania and ultimately destroy the nation. The concept of no gender roles is a 20th century idea that stems from lesbian feminism. Lesbian feminism according to Britiannica.com seeks to discredit male patriarchy and promote alternate ways to think about gender and power.
  4. Education in Tanzania is free but the liberals are chastising the government for making parents pay for uniforms and books which is parental responsibility. How many countries in the world offer free education?
  5. South African lawyers were in Tanzania promoting sexual deviancy. South Africa as you know is a cesspool of STDs with 25% of the adults living with HIV positive. They want to replicate that sexual deviance in Tanzania. Tanzania is defending its territory because an unhealthy body cannot build a strong economy.
  6. The Daily Swahili newspaper has been printing fake news and propaganda agenda and the government has shut it down for journalistic misconduct. The newspaper repeatedly printed news that was inaccurate in order to further and promote an anti-Tanzania agenda. Fake news hurts the economy because it creates a culture of fear and fewer tourists come to Tanzania. Tanzania is a stable country and tourism is an important part of the economy. Fake news also scares away investors leading to slower economic growth which leads to poverty. For the record there are 400 media organizations operating in Tanzania so there is freedom of the press in Tanzania.

Where did NGOs come from and what purpose do they serve? They are certainly not elected officials so why do they want to tell Tanzanians how to live? Why do they disregard commonsense African values and interests to serve theirs? Churches support traditional values and so do most Tanzanians so why are NGOs pushing an anti-Tanzania agenda? Why are they derailing the national agenda of economic development?


  1. NGOs are destroying African civilization with their pseudo science & social engineering. They must be regulated.

  2. This statement doesn’t depict the situation in Tanzania,it’s only a hooligan and irresponsible person who can come and say that there is freedom of expression, which kind of freedom of speech….???the blockage of national assembly proceedings or the frequently ban of ant-government news papers???or harsh and discrimatory pronouncements??? if you really have an excellent agenda for Tanzanias why you don’t want to be challenged, who have fooled you that a country can develop by blocking the media?or assassinating your fellow opposition leaders….!!! This regime is an embarrassment to this country… You have badly missed the point and now you are seeking an excuse. by playing cheap politics,Very sad…..you people who have No information with this country don’t dare accept this fallacy.

    • Magufuli is not a perfect leader, but he had done some good. Africa’s success is not determined by western ideals of democracy. Let’s redefine what success means to us.

  3. Mahita you are stumbling on pennies getting to dollars. Freedom of speech does not feed empty bellies. The antiMagufuli propaganda is coming from those ngos funded by multinationals which do not pay taxes to Tanzania. They are mad at Magufuli for increasing tarrif by 2%. Tanzanians own the mines why should they not own the profits? Magufuli is growing the economy we need to satisfy the physiological & security needs before we focus on so called ‘freedom’. You are silent about Trump threatening CNN & NBC Magufuli has not threatened anyone.

  4. The article says there are 400 media organizations in Tanzania as we speak. Does that sound like an authoritarian is ruling the nation?

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