Zimbabwe: Military Exercise or Coup?


Zimbabwe’s Defense Forces led by General Constantine Chiwenga made history in Zimbabwe when they announced their taking control of government through correctional exercises.  The military leaders who have traditionally sided with Robert Mugabe are now saving the country from establishment of a Mugabe dynasty. Africa has seen the results of political dynasties like Togo, where power passed from father to son and the Gnassingbe family has ruled that country for 52 years. Although, Mugabe’s children, Robert Jnr and Chatunga are not capable of ruling, it was his wife, Grace who was pursuing her ambitions.

The African Union and SADC have always shown contempt for the Zimbabwean constitution, in previous times when the elections were won by the opposition party, Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) but, today they are speaking as though they have ever been the vanguard of the document. They stood by as Mugabe abused his power and disenfranchised all who did not believe in his agenda. Currently over $15 billion dollars from the sale of diamonds is missing from the nation’s coffers.

Mugabe recently established a ministry of Cyber security to target journalists and members of the opposition. The African Union (AU) and SADC were silent about those constitutional violations but today somehow they have found their religion. Reports out of Zimbabwe indicate that the Zimbabwe military has refused South Africa’s and SADC’s disingenuous offer to mediate in the Zimbabwean transition. In 2008, Thabo Mbeki’s mediation resulted in an extension of the Mugabe regime and Zimbabweans have never forgiven Mbeki for that betrayal and it appears Zuma is trying to do the same thing.

The solution in Zimbabwe has to be a compromise. The opposition parties are too numerous and weak to form a government and do not have the overwhelming support. What is certain is that Zimbabweans are united in their desire to see the Mugabe go into retirement and justice against the perpetrators of corruption.  The political correction that is taking place is not the work of foreign entities but ordinary Zimbabweans who serve in the military simply taking their country back.

As Zimbabwe seeks an amicable end to the stalemate, it remains to be seen who will emerge as the eventual leader of the promising nation.


  1. So pseudo Pan Africanists silent about rigged elections in Zimbabwe which were more violent than this coup.Shut up African Union. Shut up SADC you have no legitimacy.

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