We Are Looking for YOU: African Writers, Historians and Pan Africanists


We welcome submissions and PAY for submissions to GlobalBlackHistory.com from writers who are passionate about our mission: highlighting the best in Africa and the African diaspora’s innovation and discussing pertinent global issues of our day while dispelling myths, miseducation and false narratives regarding our African heritage. It is our belief that Africans must be at the center of problem solving by bringing African solutions to African experiences across the continent and in the African diaspora.

Before you submit a post to us, please contact us first via email at: (editor@globalblackhistory.com) with a brief outline of your idea. We will then let you know if your idea fits with our regular content, in order to keep the process efficient.

As a guide, posts should be between 400 and 700 words be concerned with issues relating to African/ black history, African-American history, innovations by black people and other untold stories from Africa and the African diaspora. Articles typically fall into one of these categories:

  • Historical accounts of little known stories in black history
  • Innovations and inventions by people in Africa and the African diaspora
  • Book or Movie Reviews about black people in Africa and the African diaspora
  • Fact backed opinion pieces about issues that affect black wealth and economics e.g. land issue, policy decisions and so forth
  • First-person account (broadened to fit the needs of our audience)
  • List format (“7 Things you should know about e.g. profile politicians, entrepreneurs)
  • Reflection on a current news story that is relevant to black people in Africa and in the African diaspora
  • Interview with someone who has made a significant contribution for the advancement of black people in Africa and the African diaspora
  • Tip format (similar to the list format ““ this form specifically gives readers some suggestions for handling a certain problem e.g. resources for businesses, students and so forth)

We will strive to respond to every submission ““please allow 3-5 days for us to get back to you. For more time-sensitive topics, the turnaround will be faster.

If your initial concept is accepted, then send a copy of your article to editor@globalblackhistory.com.

We’re looking forward to seeing more of our readers have their say as well as the enlightened conversations that are sure to result. We’re ready to head to the next level are you?

Thank you for reaching out to Global Black History!