Zimbabwe’s Strive Masiyiwa Now a Billionaire


Telecoms tycoon Strive Masiyiwa, 56, is now worth $1.7bn according to Forbes.

Masiyiwa controls Econet Group, a Zimbabwe-listed mobile phone company that also has investments in financial services, insurance, e-commerce, renewable energy, education, Coca-Cola bottling, hospitality and payment gateway solutions. Econet also has a Pay television outfit, Kwese TV, which is already competing favorably across Africa with Naspers’ DSTV. Shares of the company have surged in value over the past year.

  • He owns just over 50% of the publicly traded Econet Wireless Zimbabwe, which is one part of his larger Econet Group.
  • Masiyiwa also owns just over half of private company Liquid Telecom, which provides fiber optic and satellite services to telecom firms across Africa.
  • His other assets include stakes in mobile phone networks in Burundi and Lesotho, and investments in Fintech and power distribution firms in Africa.
  • He and his wife Tsitsi founded the Higherlife Foundation, which supports orphaned and poor children in Zimbabwe, South Africa, Burundi and Lesotho.

Masiyiwa has used his wealth to provide scholarships to over 100,000 young Africans over the past 20 years through his family foundation. He supports over 40,000 orphans with educational initiatives, as well as sponsoring students at universities in America, The United Kingdom, and China. Over the last few years, Masiyiwa has devoted his time to mentoring the next generation of African entrepreneurs through his Facebook page, which has a growing followership of over 2.5million young people from across the continent. Facebook has identified his platform as having the most engaged following, of any business leader in the world.

Masiyiwa’s international board appointments include The Rockefeller Foundation, US Council on Foreign Relations International Advisory Board, the Asia Society, the Africa Progress Panel (APP), Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA), The Micronutrient Initiative of Canada, Grow Africa, The African Union’s (AU) EBOLA Fund, Morehouse College Board, and The Pan African Strategic Institute.


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  1. Awesome, he is a billionaire without ever paying a bribe. & yet Mugabes & Jonathan Moyo stole from zimbabwe & have never amassed so much wealth. Good honest business man who helps other Africans.

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