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Dr. Mireille Twayigira: From Rwandan Refugee to Doctor at 24

Mireille Twayigira’s family fled Rwanda soon after her father was killed during the 1994 genocide. Mireille, her mother, grandfather, uncle and a handful of relatives, headed south into the Democratic

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Small Scale Irrigation Turns Farmers into Millionaires in Rwanda

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The Independence of the Congo (1959-1960)

By 1959, the Congo (now Democratic Republic of Congo- DRC) was producing about 9% of the world’s copper, 6.5% of the tin, 49% of the cobalt, 69% of the world’s industrial diamonds. 53million pounds

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Ethnic Hierarchy in Ruanda- Urundi from 1890

Until the end of World War I, Rwanda and Burundi were a part of German East Africa. During the period when they were known as Ruanda-Urundi, the territory was inhabited by three ethnic groups: the Twa,

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Early African Mathematics in the Congo

Early evidence of counting or a form of mathematics was first discovered at the fishing site of Ishango, near Semliki river which flows into Lake Edward in the present day Democratic Republic of Congo.

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