Julius Malema economic freedom fighter?

Julius Malema is an opportunist and is dancing to the drum of the disenfranchised poor black South African who has not realized...




We Are Looking for YOU: African Writers, Historians and Pan Africanists

We welcome submissions and PAY for submissions to GlobalBlackHistory.com from writers who are passionate about our mission: highlighting the best in Africa and the...

The War on Africa’s Economic Development: Feminism and NGOs

Now that all African countries are independent from European colonial rule, western countries have decided to wage another battle: war on African families and...

14th Century Luba Kingdom in Central Africa

In the late 14th and early 15th century, in central Africa a kingdom rose to prominence known as the Luba dynasty. This empire was...




10 Questions Every Black Person Should Ask Trump & Clinton

What is your response to sentencing of domestic terrorists who are bombing black churches? Will you advocate mandatory minimum sentences to those who...

Tanganyika in the 1930s: The Economy & African Resistance

During the 1930s, Tanganyika also felt the effects of the Great Depression. The prices of the main export crops, sisal and coffee dropped between...

The Buganda Agreement of 1900 & Land Tenure in the Protectorates

In 1899, the British foreign office appointed Sir Harry Johnston as special commissioner responsible for cutting administrative costs. Commissioner Johnston concluded that Buganda and...


Dowry: Culture preservation or money maker?

   It was common practice in the past that when a young man wanted to marry a young woman he went to her people...

The Faces of Zambian Politics

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